Absolut Organx is a Organic Hair Colour Salon.  We specialize in only the highest quality Hair Colour and products , we have been working with organic colours for 10 years  and love working with colours and products that are safe for us the clients and the enviroment.

Located in beautiful Hamersley, Western Australia owned by renowned hair stylist Biruta .



 Biruta has a diverse range of talents and specialties. Dedicated in developing new, innovative, creative styles to suit all customers.Biruta has been working in the organic field for 10 years now. Biruta is passionate about achieving excellence in the industry and is committed to providing professional hair care, coloring, styling techniques through organic products and professional services.

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Organic Products

Pure Color  treat your hair to a more  natural organic color  and feel the difference!

Biruta is  dedicated to looking after you with the finest organic hair products designed to make your hair look and feel great.

The Color Products Biruta works with are the best in the field with amazing results due to years of researching and developing and investment .

Whether a natural blonde or a fiery red or a luscious brunette

The products  speak for themselves  and Biruta is very pleased to be able to provide you with excellence in hair coloring and care. 

Having problems with  your usual colors book a free consultation appointment today let Biruta introduce you to the wonderful world of organics.


Favorite In  Salon Products



Australian Owned and certified organic products which add condition and shine to your hair be amazed

Biruta specializes in the treatment of  minor hair and scalp conditions related to health issues. These include;

  • psoriasis  
  • Chemotherapy  Pre/post treatment 
  • General health hair scalp




Did you know it is recommended no colour is used during the first Trimester of your pregnancy.

Biruta  also specializes in Color Correction.

Special procedures to grow colour out 

  Comb on colors  just to highlight and give depth to natural hair colour.

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Natulique one of the highest quality and safest organic colours and products We are proud to use

Natulique one of the highest quality and safest organic colours and products We are proud to use